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If a picture tells you a story; let me share a novel with you!

I am always keen on being creative and believe in story telling. My major genre of photography remains as wildlife and nature photography which is a completely driven by passion. I understand that there is a potent danger that our Earth will be deprived of some amazing wildlife in the near future. With my photography or my casual discussions with people, I try to bring the sense of urgency and show them the beautiful side of wildlife. I am a keen believer that we only can make a difference only when we look beyond our working desks and personal life. 

I started my photography journey humbly with a point & shoot camera from my friend, then graduating to Olympus E520 and then moving to CANON which actually propelled the interest to next level.

When not in the wild, I photograph a lot of landscapes, cityscapes, people and street photography. I always believed that good photography is closely knit to the understanding of light. I have been photographing close to 7 years spread over all genres. I have extensively travelled across India, Africa, China, Europe and a bit in the USA to visit places and take pictures of the wild side of the urban hustle bustle. 

To give a meaning and goal to my effort to the photography journey, I branded my portfolio website as Shutterguru by Sid Tripathy. I have been striving to create a niche for this brand and create awareness of eco-tourism and promote the less-travelled parts in the world. 

I am a qualified engineer who works as a full time IT Technology Strategist for PricewaterhouseCoopers and based in London. I belong to one of the most bio-diverse countries in the World, India. 

Thanks for visiting my website. You can contact me on my e-mail address sid@shutterguru.in if you want me capture any special moments for you!

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